Trends and new contacts at Medica

In November a number of companies followed us to Medica, one of the world’s largest medtech event. The goal was to find new business partners and, of course, trendspotting.

Adaptability is a huge trend in the field of medtech right now due to the worldwide digitalization of the healtchcare sector, for example in personalized medicine, artificiell intelligence, interaction between caregiver and patient, neurocognitive diseases and heart diseases.

– Our participation at Medica was succeful and most importantly meaningful for the campanies that came along. I held several meetings at Enterprise Europe Networks brookerage event with aim to identify possible business partners for some of the life science companies, says business developer Kurt Strömgren.

Uminova Innovation is now a part of Enterprise Europe Networks sector group for Healthcare, which means reinforced collaboration with business promoting organisazations in Europe in order to help companies in Västerbotten find new business partners.

Text by: Emmy Ericsson

Published: 6 December, 2018

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Emmy Ericsson

6 December, 2018