Umeå-based Content Central opens up an office in London, at least for this winter. Joachim Ljungquist, CEO, pictured here outside the London Underground station Acton Town.
Umeå-based Content Central opens up an office in London, at least for this winter. Joachim Ljungquist, CEO, pictured here outside the London Underground station Acton Town.

Umeå-based company goes international with new office in London

Joachim Ljungquist, CEO of Content Central, has moved to London. Next stop: the international launch for the Umeå-based company.

The Umeå-based company  Content Central is taking a big step out into the global market. The company’s CEO Joachim Ljungquist is moving to London to establish the proprietary service that brings together freelance journalists with media houses.

Content Central has previously received help with establishing in the UK from Uminova Innovation, EEN, Enterprise Europe Network, and Västerbotten Region. As an international launch approaches, Infotech Umeå has posed some questions to Joachim Ljungquist.

You’re moving to London. Are you opening an office there?

– I arrived in London on Friday and this is the first week of work on location. This week I will probably work from home while I try to decide where we will have our “London office”. Right now, it’s a toss-up between a desk at one of Britain’s largest media organizations, which is strategically sound, or in a co-working space. A third option is to try to find something closer to where I live, so I do not have to commute except to meetings. But I’m leaning towards the first option if their offer persists, says Joachim Ljungquist.

Does this mean that Content Central is taking aim at the market in England?

– I’ve been visiting London for a while now to get to know the market, networking, and verifying the customer benefits we can bring. Since then, the entire team has been working hard to develop and adapt digital services that we will offer media companies after the turn of the year. Right now, we are preparing to deploy a number of media companies as beta testing customers, so we are entering a very exciting stage right now.

Isn’t it hard to find somewhere to live?

– There is actually quite a lot of accommodation in London, but the standard is usually low and the rent is very high. It is very common to have “flatmates”, that is, sharing a flat with others. In my case, we can say that I am living with a girl, says Joachim Ljungquist with a laugh.

How long will you stay in London?

– For one and a half years there has been a plan that I will base myself in London for a few months when the time is right. Now I’m here, and as for how long – it remains to be seen. First, we thought about three months, but depending on how things are going, it can definitely be longer.

Why is it important to be on-location?

I would say there are several reasons for being close to the market. In part, we are aiming at an international market, and Britain is a strategic choice because of the language, but also because it is one of the world’s largest newspaper and magazine markets. Then it is also vital to begin to work on our brand and have the first customer meetings, which takes considerably longer than you think. The main reason at the moment is to launch a number of pilot projects and to work in close proximity to the customers. In this way we can get feedback and needs-based information to support priorities and further developments.

Is the Umeå office still open?

– Yes! There are five employees and three consultants, and the ambition is of course that we will continue to grow.

Can we expect big news from Content Central in the future? If so, what?

– Haha, is an establishment in London not big enough news? Jokes aside, we are working on strengthening the board with additional experience and skills that can contribute to the company’s development. We will also release our new service as soon as possible. However, we won’t reveal exactly what that includes just yet. But it will be our main service and based on a lot of new thinking, says Joachim Ljungquist.

– Networking and meeting partners, investors, prospective customers and others is an important part of the establishment in London, says Joachim Ljungquist, pictured  here during a meeting at the Swedish embassy.