Alexander Abele fick ett Red Dot-pris för sin värmekamera för snabb diagnostik i ambulans.
For the third year in a row, Umeå Institute of Design has retained the number one spot in the Red Dot Design Ranking.

Umeå once again claim top spot in the rankings

Innovation in safety, farming and paramedic care praised at the Red Dot gala as Umeå Institute of Design once again claim top spot in the rankings.

The position atop the Red Dot Ranking is a direct reflection of the projects produced by students at the school over the past five years. Amongst the winners from UID this year we find projects and products about electronic waste, fire hazards in poverty-stricken areas and paramedic equipment.

“Sharing and collaborating is at the core, in every stage of the process”

Thomas Olofsson, Head of Department at Umeå Institute of Design, talks about what makes UID a place that strives for continuous development.

“To once again be at the top of the Red Dot Ranking shows that we have been able to continue to foster a unique creative environment. This environment would not be possible without a common understanding and commitment amongst everyone involved, students and staff. At the core of this commitment is sharing and collaborating, in every stage of the process. Such recognition makes us hope, and believe, that we can continue to build an even more exciting future for design education and research here at Umeå Institute of Design.”

UID Red Dot Winners 2018

This year Red Dot Award’s Design Concept received a record 5,640 entries from 55 countries. On September 28th, the winners were honoured at the award ceremony in Singapore.

On site were APD alumnae Rebecca Daum who received an award for her thesis project Malaika. Present in Singapore were also APD’s Alejandro Mandrion who received an award for Electrorun and Ruben Eriksson who was acknowledged for Flir Fieldtech, design concepts both developed during their first year at the Masters programme in advanced product design.

In total, UID had projects winning five awards, which included APD’s Alexander Abele and his infrared camera for paramedics, Flir HC150, (see picture above) and James Skeggs and Franziska Heuck, who won a prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ for their collaborative robot Revive.

Text by: Mikael Hansson

Published: 2 October, 2018

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Mikael Hansson

2 October, 2018