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Exemple of technical and care solutions on display at Medica.

Umeå-participants at the world’s largest Medtech fair

Umeå-participants at the world’s largest Medtech fair

With their aims set on the future and new collaborations, somewhere among the more than 120 000 international attendees and 5100 exhibitors.


Antilux collar, Dicomport, Instrube Health, Likvor, Protecta Medical, SDB Biotech and UmanDiagnostics, were all attending this journey together with representatives from Uminova Innovation’s cluster initiative Biotech Umeå and the internationalization network Enterprise Europe Network.


– In my experience the Medica-trip was very successful. For us, the individual meetings were clearly the most important, I had the opportunity to meet new potential customers and partners. 2018 is going be a very interesting year for us, says Niklas Norgren, CEO UmanDiagnostics; a company that has developed a product that makes it possible to detect injuries and diseases of the brain.


Instrube Health, a company that wants to give everyone access to medical experts via an app, took the opportunity to scan trends and competitors at Medica.


– For us the best part was the sports medicine conference. We got a trend report that is completely in line with our hypothesis, says Mikael Östberg, CEO Instrube Health.


Five evident trends

The world and humanity’s major problems; such as antibiotic resistance, an ageing population, alongside effective use and allocation of resource, are problems and needs that set the agenda for new solutions springing from new technological achievements. And it is apparent that digitalization is seeping into, and becoming a natural part of, all aspects of health care.


The five most evident trends at Medica are:

  • Personalized care. More specific diagnosis and treatment is the first step in adapting treatments to your body, your genes and your disease.
  • Real-time on demand care. Through various web services and wearables, mobile equipment or decentralized care stations offer opportunities to provide care on site, when it's convenient for the patient.
  • Automated Diagnostics. An important piece of the puzzle to make personalized and real-time on demand care to work.
  • AI assisted care. Artificial intelligence as support in health care, for complex diagnostics and treatment.
  • Transformation into cyborgs. We are facing a demographic shift, the elderly are increasing in numbers and proportion, as a consequence we must be able to work and stay healthy longer. This becomes possible with more and more advanced techniques and implants that can replace damaged parts, or to improve ourselves.

Help find customers

Scanning through all companies and services, at a fair of this caliber, is a hard job. Luckily the companies got help from Enterprise Europe network’s partnering service. But it is still important to your homework; checking participating companies, and to do the footwork.


Text: Karin Borge Renberg
Photo: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Text by: Karin Borge-Renberg

Published: 8 December, 2017

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Karin Borge-Renberg

8 December, 2017