Gisela Edendahl is one of the speakers at Umeå Tech Arena November 28. She will give the ultimate introduction with her “What is Blockchain?” keynote.

Umeå Tech Arena dives into blockchain

Is blockchain as revolutionary as the internet? That’s one of the topics at Umeå Tech Arena November 28.

Umeå Tech Arena is Uminova Innovations meetup for innovators, investors and people who love tech. One of the topics on November 28 will be Blockchain, the tech behind cryptocurrencies like biotcoin.

– The market of cryptocurrencies had its peak in January 2018 and the hype was enormous. The bubble may have burst, but the underlying blockchain technology behind these currencies has a great potential. Some of the evangelists are saying that blockchain is the future and can change the way we think and look at the internet today, says Linus Stark from Uminova Innovation.

One of the speakers will be Gisela Edendahl, Business Development- and Transformation leader hos IBM, who will give the ultimate introduction with her “What is Blockchain?” keynote.

Packed with upcoming startups

For the first time Demo Day – the grand finale for the participants in The Startup Program by Uminova Innovation – will be a part of Umeå Tech Arena. Before the pre-mingle the attendees will have the opportunity to listen to pitches from the 12 participants in the Startup Program this fall. Stipends of a total sum of 50 000 SEK are awarded and the winner is announced on the main stage later in the evening.

But, that’s not all, more speakers to Umeå Tech Arena will be announced in the coming weeks.

Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena ir arranged at Norrlandsoperan November 28.