Pernilla Abrahamsson, Senzime/ MD Biomedical
Pernilla Abrahamsson, Marketing and Sales Director Senzime and inventor behind OnZurf Probe

Umeå technique is CE approved and ready for the market

Umeå technique is CE approved and ready for the market

In 2015 Pernilla Abrahams medtech spin-off company, MD Biomedical, with the innovative patient surveillance technique, was acquired by Senzime. The continued work, by Senzime and Pernilla Abrahamsson, on the probe and the technique has paid off.

As Senzime writes in their press-release:

Senzime receives CE mark approval for the OnZurf Probe
OnZurf Probe will now be launched in Europe, initially by direct sales in Scandinavia, while other distribution agreements are established in the rest of Europe. OnZurf Probe is intended to be used after various surgical procedures on the gastrointestinal tract.

"Continuous sampling in patients undergoing surgery may provide an opportunity to detect early complications. The clinical market seeks products that allow continuous sampling and monitoring of tissue substances to detect complications after surgery and control interventions. The CE mark of OnZurf Probe is an important milestone for Senzime and we will immediately initiate launch in Europe" says Lena Söderström, CEO of Senzime AB.

OnZurf Probe is unique in its ability to continuously collect samples from the surface of an organ. The OnZurf Probe collects micro samples, which can be analyzed either intermittently, by an external analyzer or continuously, using Senzime’s CliniSenz Analyzer. The OnZurf Probe is placed on the surface of a tissue or organ to monitor local metabolic changes before complications become systemic. OnZurf Probe is unique in its ability to monitor the patients’ healing process after surgery and provide early-warning signals of post-operative complications such as lack of oxygen (ischemia).

For example, for patients with esophageal cancer, the main treatment method is surgical excision, with attendant risk of multiple operations, morbidity, and even mortality. After esophageal surgery, the OnZurf Probe contributes vital and timely information to clinicians, facilitating optimal postoperative treatment. Currently, the OnZurf Probe is being trialed in several clinical studies — both as a stand-alone sampler and through continuous monitoring with CliniSenz. The company’s analyzer CliniSenz is expected to receive CE approval in the second part of 2018.


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Text and photo: Karin Borge Renberg