Join Seven City Game Jam in Umeå November 16-18th and create and build games with other enthusiasts. Uminova Innovation will talk about their support to game startups.

Uminova Innovation hosts Seven City Game Jam

The event is the perfect place for game developers – amatuers or professionals – to challenge themselves, get to know other enthusiasts and learn more about how Uminova Innovation can help develop an idea to a business.

– We hope many will sign up because this is a great oppertunity for us to get to know the game community in Umeå better and share with them what kind of support we offer. Who knows, maybe someone at the Jam has an idea that with our help can become the next success, says business developer Fredrik Nyström who right now helps several game startups.

Seven City Game Jam is arranged by Artic Game Lab.

Sign up here.

Text by: Emmy Ericsson

Published: 26 October, 2018

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Emmy Ericsson

26 October, 2018