Med uppköpet av ungerska Invictus kan Zordix från Umeå fördubbla sin produktion, menar vd Matti Larsson.
Zordix group becomes multinational and has reached the mark of over 50 employees, acquiring Invictus Games from Hungary. In the photo, members from the team from Umeå, Sweden.

Zordix doubles in size by acquiring Invictus Games

Game publisher and developer Zordix from Umeå doubles its production capacity by acquiring the renowned game developer Invictus Games.

Zordix acquires 100 percent of the shares in the Hungarian game developer Invictus Games. Through the acquisition, the Zordix group becomes multinational and has reached the mark of over 50 employees.

Invictus Games was founded in 2000 by Tamas Kozak and Akos Divianszky. The company has worked on over 50 different published titles over the past 20 years and currently consists of a team of 25 people. The company is best known for titles such as the Give It Up! series which has over 71 million downloads, Froggy Jump with over 14 million downloads, and the off-road racer Insane. The Mobile Game Give It Up! has been number one in China for over two years on the paid apps sales list on Apple’s App Store.

“We are proud and excited to welcome Invictus to the growing Zordix family. The company is an important addition in our acquisitions-driven growth that doubles our production capacity, adds 50 released games to our joint portfolio and several new titles are on their way out. I am very impressed by Invictus management for running a profitable game company for 20 years. This is achieved by continuously developing and delivering a high number of new own titles under its own brands and with great success, especially in the exciting growing market China, ” says Matti Larsson, CEO Zordix.