Om Biotech Umeå

About Biotech Umeå

Biotech Umeå is an initiative at Uminova Innovation that reinforces and boosts the strong biotech and life science sector in the region, helping it growing even stronger. And the life science, medtech and digital health sectors are vibrant with life.

Real problems and valuable solutions

People have bigger and smaller problems. The major problems like antibiotic resistance, an ageing population, and more efficient use and allocation of resources set the agenda for new solutions based on new technology and biological methods. Researchers and companies in life sciences, biotech, and medtech can contribute with partial solutions that are important to individual persons, to the health care sector, and suppliers on a national and international market.

Meet some of the inspiring people and the solutions they have come up with in our magazine Life Changers 2 (in Swedish). Or in the first issue, Life Changers 1 ( in English).

Looking at research in combination with commercialization, Umeå has a favorable position when it comes to neuro degenerative diseases, metabolic diseases and infection, and an increasing flow of business ideas linked to the digitalization of the health care sector.

A special climate

Umeå has a special climate. The proximity between the multidisciplinary Umeå University and the praised University Hospital of Umeå is evident. The university has strong departments and specialized centers with leading research groups (part of the positive environment where Emmanuelle Charpentier made her CRISPR/Cas9 discovery), the awarded Umeå Institute of Design and a strong IT environment. In addition we have a good tradition of cross-disciplinary and cross-organization collaborations.

Together researchers, entrepreneurs, and different actors in the innovation system work to make sure that innovative solutions and companies make it. The collaboration between the industry, the scientific community and the health care sector is an another important piece in promoting innovative solutions and companies, which Västerbotten County Council and Umeå University work on in specific initiatives.

Meetings, competence, and investments

In addition to our business support, a company needs competence, capital, networks and plenty of personal meetings in order to make it. By helping companies in participating in meetings and fares, with marketing support, strengthening local collaborations and networks and in organizing events, Biotech Umeå assist companies in reaching an international market.