Om Infotech Umeå

About Infotech Umeå

Infotech Umeå is a sector initiative at Uminova Innovation that reinforces and boosts the strong tech sector in the region, helping it growing even stronger. Our ambitions are high, we want Västerbotten to become one of the best places in the world for tech companies. A starting point for companies that want to reach an international market.

Yes, our ambitions are high. They are high because we want the world to see, understand, and feel that this region has an amazing environment where tech and innovation can reach their full potential.

In addition to our business support Infotech Umeå puts a little extra energy on acknowledging and building networking arenas for the IT sector.


Spreading the word

Cool and phenomenal things are constantly happening in the IT and tech sector, and you can rely on us reporting about it. In addition to Infotech Umeå’s daily news coverage we also want spread the word about what happens here, and the regions potential, to national and international key opinion leaders and media.


Focus on meetings

We are convinced that extraordinary things can happen when people meet, when startups, mature companies, talents, and investors cross paths. This is when fruitful collaborations are formed, and why we create forums and arrange events, like Umeå Tech Arena. We do it for those personal meetings, but also for all of us to get inspired and to find alternative routes forward.