TINK Uminova Innovation

Growth Incubator (TINK)

TINK is a regional project aiming to support companies with growth potential to grow; in a faster and more efficient way, promoted by a competent business development support and a vibrant and inspiring startup community.

The greatest challenges for a young company setting out lies in finding capital and competence. The project addresses these challenges throughout all phases in the Growth Incubator (TINK), supporting the development of sustainable and profitable companies.

The business support in our sector initiatives Infotech Umeå, Biotech Umeå, North Sweden Cleantech, and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is based on models, methods, processes and activities that were developed within the Growth Incubator.

Also, the Growth Incubator is where we work on more general questions and themes, like increasing women’s representation in the startup community and addressing an internationalization of our companies.

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For more information about the Growth Incubator (TINK), please contact Maria Olofsson, project manager.