The art of packaging tech

Packaging an ice cream is fairly easy. Just make it delicious, beautiful and put it in glossy paper. At least compared to packing a software or technical product to a business to business customer. The challenges are really one and the same – how do you package yourself, your products and your brand so your customers remember and perceive you?

At Umeå Tech Arena, November 25, we focus on the art of packaging technical products. A profitable business with satisfied customers and a loved brand is the goal for all startups and companies. And the start of a good user experience is the packaging.

Once again, Umeå Tech Arena is held digitally. But it will not be the usual digital conference. For example, you will be able to mingle with all the other participants for real. At least if you have the courage to enter our virtual space with your own avatar and join the conversations.

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Agenda: Wednesday 25th of November

13.00-14.10 – Umeå Tech Arena; The art of packaging tech

Keynote “Packaging our products” by Lidia Oshlyansky
“What´s your box” – two of Uminova Innovations most promising startups, Photon Sports and For Life Academy, present their “packaging”
+ discussions and insights.

14.10-14.45 – A real digital mingle

Our digital mingle is a virtual space where people can meet and talk. You can see who is speaking to whom and move your avatar around with your mouse. To join a conversation, you just move closer. To leave it, you move away. Simple as that. Do you have the courage to join us?

Please note. The complete studio program will be recorded and you can see it on a later occasion if you want to. But you still have to create an account on our platform.

Speakers and participants

Keynote – Packaging our products

The User Experience starts when the users learns about us, understands what our products do and why they would even want to consider using us. In an ever crowded world, filled with far too much information getting the user's attention to even begin to tell them who we are, what we do, and why we'd be helpful to them is tougher and tougher. How we package ourselves and our products is how we are often remembered and perceived.  This talk will provide one example of how we can tackle this tough "packaging" task in our own startups.

Lidia Oshlyansky is the Chief Product Officer at Dreams, a FinTech startup based in Stockholm. She has spent the last 20 plus years in the tech sector going from data-base engineering to User Experience and Product development. Lidia's career has taken her through agencies and consulting where clients ranged from multinationals to charities and government sector. She has also worked directly 'in-house' for companies such as Nokia, Google, Schibsted Media Group, Trinity Mirror Group (now Reach plc) and Spotify. Lidia sits on several boards and does advising on all things Product and UX. Lidia holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction.

What's our box - Photon Sports

Photon Sports has built an advanced 3D and analytics technology set to distrupt the market for Sports Analytics. Speed, agility and quickness is key for athletes and with Photon Sport's solution you can find out what training that actually works. Over 20 000 hours have been invested in developing the product which is now ready to be commercialized.

Jonas Sjöberg is the founder and CEO of Photon Sports. He is one of Europe's leading experts in Optical System Design and has been part of the development of 3D-cameras, Lidar and 3D measuring technology at several high tech companies such as Veoneer, Autoliv, Fotonic, Sony Ericsson, Optronic and Adopticum. Jonas has more than 25 years of experience developing advanced Optical Systems and has managed or participated in 200 optics related projects.

What's our box - For Life Academy

For Life Academy offer a digital treatment program for patients focusing on obesity and owerweight, and education and support for health care professionals. The program is based on scientifically proven techniques developed by researchers and healthcare professionals within the fields of obesity, pediatrics, psychology, nutrition and physical activity.

Mahnoush Etminan Malek is a dietitian with specialist competence within childhood obesity. Has 10 years of experience of working with obesity treatment among children, youth, and their families. Is today a doctoral student at the Department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet. Has been a part of For Life Academys journey since 2016 and is undergoing training to be the CEO of the company.

Host - Johan Hedengran

Johan is working as Business Developer at Uminova Innovation and is the host for Umeå Tech Arena this time.

He has worked with international technical sales within the Life Science, physics and IT-sector for a long time. He is also running his own company within interior design with an award-winning and patent approved product. Beside that, he has won 100’s of creative sweepstake competitions based on slogans, creative photos and other. He has received prizes such as; free annual consumptions, gift cards, travels, Formula 1 driver lessions, and a lot of gadgets. Johan often sees oppurtunities where others see problems. He loves to help and coach entrepreneurs. Johan has a Master of Science in Engineering from Umeå University, designer from IKEA HQ in Älmhult, and sales education from AstraZeneca in Gothenburg

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Umeå Tech Arena is livestreamed through our online platform provided by Coeo Events. You need to create a account on the platform in order to follow the livestream or see it all on a later occasion.


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