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A key factor for the success of any startup is having access to competence, talent and experience. A Perfect Match is the collective name for our work when it comes to matching experience and competence to the many innovators, entrepreneurs and business ideas.

The source of competence and experience can come from students, experienced business people and entrepreneurs, homecomers or international contacts. Regardless if you are a student without entrepreneurial experience of your own, have a long experience from business development, or have niche expertise, you are welcome to become part of our community and help realize dreams of entrepreneurship and fortify Umeå, Västerbotten and Northern Sweden as a stronghold for growth and development.

The network

We arrange popular events like Umeå Tech Arena, Match Up and Investment Days at Grand Hôtel where you can meet the companies we work with. Uminova Innovation has also helped set up some 20 advisory boards, and in a majority of these cases they have given advice, tips and expanded the companies networks in a manner that were game changing for the business development. If you have experience and knowledge in areas that relates to entrepreneurship and business development, or niche expertise, we would be happy to tell you more about how you can get involved and support persons that are embarking on a journey you may have expertise from.

For the student

If you are a student curious about entrepreneurship and enjoy being where things happen, you should attend our events, and you should definitely come to Startup Coffee, our breakfast seminars aimed specifically at students. Our events are free and a fantastic way to meet interesting and inspiring people. Maybe one of these meeting open the door to your first position in a sector that you are passionate about.

Uminova Innovation also offers the most exciting part time job, to work as a consultant for a startup in need of your competence. You get an income, valuable experience and contacts. A stepping stone, if you have what it takes. If you do this during the summer months you are a summer entreprenuer, during the rest of the year you are a student entreprenuer

As a summer entrepreneur we help you start your own business and match you to a company that wants to buy your services for at least 160 hours. We educate you and give you support on how to start your business, so you do not have to have any previous experience from running a business. What is required however, is that you thrive on challenges and have the drive to run and finish projects by yourself.

The same goes for student entrepreneurs during the rest of the year, except that things need to be set up so that you can work for one of our startups while keeping up with your studies.

More information

If you want to know more about our network, please contact Maria Olofsson.
If you are a student and want to engage, please contact Magdalena Lindström.
More information about summer entreprenuer and student entreprenuer.
More information about employing a student.