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Uminova Innovation is one of Sweden’s top business incubators and selected to be part of Vinnova’s Program of Excellence.  Since the start in 2003 we have supported more than 150 companies, with more than 600 employees in total and a combined turnover of close to 850 million SEK, in in developing their businesses and business ideas. Västerbotten, with Umeå as a frontrunner, is one of the most innovative regions in Europe that attracts students, researchers, entrepreneurs, talents, and investors from all corners of the world. The region is renowned for its many strong tech companies with innovations that address the major problems, and there is a constant flow of new companies.

For companies and businesses that want, or need to, grow and expand at quick pace, finding capital and industrial partnerships is a limiting factor, and a real challenge.

This is why we at Uminova Innovation start working with our startups early on to help, support and prepare them in becoming investment ready and in finding the right investors and partners. Many of these preparations are done prior to matchmaking events we arrange through our specialized initiatives: Infotech Umeå, Biotech Umeå, North Sweden Cleantech, and the network initiative A Perfect Match.

We and our companies participate at the meetings and events that are spot on for our companies, such as SLUSH in Finland, Åre Business Forum and Nordic Life Science Days. We coach the companies in how to pitch in front of investors and prepare properly for successful meetings with potential partners. Several of our companies have had success stories where investments have played a key role: Limes Audio that was bought by Google in 2017, CodeMill, Smart Video, Elastisys, and ZunZun to mention some of them.

A few years ago Uminova Innovation initiated a process that became the starting point for a Northern Sweden regional business angle company, Northern Light Capital (NLC). NLC have some 20 partners and has made several investments. One of NLC’s strengths is that all partners help evaluating investment prospects and share the risk of the early investments. Uminova Innovations also work in close contact with invests like Fort Knox and Partnerinvest Norr, and we are continuously expanding and adding to our network on the national and international arena.

More information

If you want to know more about the opportunities to invest and how we work, contact Maria Olofsson.