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Keep growing

When your company has started getting traction, gained momentum and has grown a bit, you and your team face new challenges. You may need new kinds of competence, international contacts, help in marketing and PR, or you may need financing to have the power and resources to take that next important step.

We have three phases in our business development support. Start is our preincubation phase, Scale is our incubator phase, and Keep growing is where we offer support to companies who want to do just that – keep growing, with the addition of new kinds of competence, international contacts, help in marketing, etcetera.

Wide network

Uminova Innovation can, through specialized initiatives, offer extra resources and possibilities for your company’s growth journey.

We are part of EU: s official support network for the business sector, Enterprise Europe Network, and we support companies from all over Västerbotten with company specific and custom tailored advice on internationalization. Us being part of a network of 2 500 colleagues, 600 parties, in 60 European countries, can be a powerful asset when it comes to conveying search offers and calls for business deals, technology and research to and from international contacts and open doors to opportunities that otherwise would have been shut. This is something that we frequently see examples of.

Some results

For instance, a technique search made on Codemill’s behalf, landed them a 1.2 million SEK Horizon 2020 project; to develop next generation video technology in collaboration with well-reputed Fraunhofer. 

Another example is how a partner search for UmanDiagnostics was the starting point for a collaboration with IBL International in the Netherlands and Germany, now a very important distributor for UmanDiagnostics.

One of the greatest challenges for a developing company is the limited access to capital and financing. Within the Infotech Umeå initiative we initiated the formation for a regional business angel venture capital company, Northern Light Capital (NLC) in Northern Sweden. Northern Light Capital have for instance during 2017 made a 6.1 million SEK investment in Elastisys, one of the IT-companies in our incubator.

More information

Interested in more information on how we can help you keep growing and potentially reach a global market, please contact Maria Olofsson.