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When you have worked through your business idea a few times and have a verified business model your company has the potential to grow and take its place on the market. At this point you can apply to our Scale phase. During the incubation process our business support is tailored for the needs of growing startup at heart. Thus the focus lies on tools you and your team need to make those efficient iterations, risk eliminations, and to help you make quick and accurate decisions prior to launch.

We have three phases in our business development support. Start is our preincubation phase, Scale is our incubator phase, and Keep growing is where we offer support to companies who want to do just that – keep growing, with the addition of new kinds of competence, international contacts, help in marketing, etcetera.

Smart tools

In the Scale phase we focus on topics like building the right team; with the right components and people, HR, customer needs, strategies for intellectual property rights (patents, etcetera), marketing strategies, sales and financial solutions and finding investors. Central in all this work are the Lean and Customer Development Methodology.

If you apply and are accepted to the incubator your team will have access to a shared office space at Uminova Innovation and you will get to work closer to other entrepreneurs in the same phase, entrepreneurs that are facing the same kind of challenges that you are facing; and in close contact with our business developers.

Our business support is free of charge, thanks to our financiers and partners.

Our definition of a scaleup

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In our book you are a scaleup when you and your team have found a business model and a solution that work and it is time to start transforming that potential into profit. The challenge is to, as quickly as possible, find the right ingredients and formula for that rapid growth spurt, not wasting time and resources on the wrong things. As a scaleup you are looking for exponential, not linear, growth and as your potential is not automatically converted to business you have to define and create situations for this to happen.

The Accelerator Program

In the Scale phase we offer our Accelerator Program, a business support kit for companies in the incubator phase, which is a six months fast-track program. The selection process and application criteria are more stringent and only a handful of the companies that apply are accepted. In addition to a proven drive and commitment you, as a participating company, have to have verified that there is an important need (for a specific target group) and you should also have, or be very close to having, a first product (Minimum Viable Product, MVP).

The goal of this program is to help you and your team to really let go of the rail and go for it, possibly raise external capital and start scaling. The program starts with a kick-off followed by five workshops on themes crucial for a successful launch. Your team will, supported by several business developers and external experts, work on your company’s strategies, tactics and action plans on matters critical to your company.

To be considered for our incubator you have to
  • Have a verified and scaleable business model, based on an innovative idea and with potential to grow
  • Have a team of at least two persons, with different profiles and areas of expertise
  • Be willing and able to work on your business at 50 percent of a full time
  • Have the drive, determination and courage

More information

For application and more information about our business support in the Scale phase, please contact Maria Olofsson.
For more information about our shared office space, please contact Hillevi Lindelöf.
Read more about the Accelerator Program.