Acceleratorprogrammet Uminova Innovation

The Accelerator Program

For the Accelerator Program we have selected the sharpest and most driven startups, the startups that aim the highest, go in with full commitment and have potential to scale up and grow; probably on an international market.

You can think of the Accelerator Program as a fast-track program for six months to which only a handful of the companies are accepted. In addition to proven drive and commitment you, as a participating company, have to have verified that there is an important need (among a specific target group) and you should also have, or be very close to having, a first product (Minimal Viable Product, MVP). The goal of this program is to help you and your team to really let go of the rail and go for it, possibly raise external capital and start scaling.

Fast and safe

The program starts with a kick-off followed by five workshops on themes critical prior to your launch; such as pricing strategies for your product or service, how to position your brand on the market, how to optimize your digital business plan and how to pitch better.

You and your team work on your own strategies, tactics and action plans on business critical matters, supported by several business developers and external experts.

To make sure that you and your company are boosted and charged with input from different perspectives, you go through two business review sessions with feedback from a panel of external experts from all over Sweden. Our goal and aim is to help you acquire an effective approach and provide tools to help you minimize risks, make faster and more accurate decisions and gain critical insights.

Equivalent services and support are worth hundreds of thousands SEK on the market, but thanks to our financiers and partners they are free of charge for the participating companies.

For the Accelerator Program we are looking for you, if you have
  • A dedicated team, consisting of at least two persons and at least two people participating in the program
  • An innovative, scalable business idea with a potential for a global market
  • Launched, or will launch in a near future
  • Are eager to reach the market


As a participant you get
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in methods (Lean Startup and Customer Development) that help you and your team in getting there faster. Tools for risk minimization and methods to make more accurate and faster decisions and gain critical insights. Knowledge in matters critical prior to launch
  • Quick iterations (build-measure-learn)
  • Support in business development from senior business developers that are experts within their fields
  • Opportunity to share experiences with other startups in the program
  • Shared office space at Uminova Innovation

More information

Keep your eyes open for more information on this page for the next opportunity to apply to the Accelerator Program.

For questions about the Accelerator Program, please contact Sara L Olofsdotter.