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Can’t stop pondering about that business idea you have? If your business idea solves a real problem and if you think it has the potential to grow on a market, then you are definitely a person we would want to meet. Helping people in developing their business ideas and building companies is what Uminova Innovation successfully does since 2003, and we are constantly on the lookout for new driven entrepreneurs.

We have three phases in our business development support. Start is our preincubation phase, Scale is our incubator phase, and Keep growing is where we offer support to companies who want to do just that – keep growing, with the addition of new kinds of competence, international contacts, help in marketing, etcetera.

Fast and on point

The Start phase is where the freshest ideas and entrepreneurs are being challenged and start to develop. Our business developers are specialized in coaching people to test and challenge their business ideas, using a smart approach and tools that ensures that you, and your business idea, will move forward; with speed and precision. Our approach and methodology is based on Lean Startup and Customer Development and to summarize things this means that you try your idea on potential customers and gradually develop your product or service, based on the insights you get from these customer interactions.

You focus, spend time and energy on doing the right things, at the right time, instead of wasting it on something that does not work. And if it doesn’t work you can move on to something else, possibly a different business idea you had while verifying (killing) that first idea.

Our definition of a startup

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We define a startup as an entrepreneurs first phase. A phase for searching and learning, where lot of time is spent doing research on which markets that are the most interesting, and in trying to understand and define your potential customers wants and needs of a solution, and a would-be product or service. The (your) solution will be revised multiple times before it is ready for customer testing to really verify the need. And before you are on that route towards a turnover and a rapid growth, you need to have a business model that works.


Intro is exactly what it sounds like: An introduction in how to create a successful startup and how we work. Our business developers will guide you through the most critical things you need to know if you want to develop your business idea. After the intro course you are more than welcome to apply for the Startup program, where you will get more help and guidance.

Next Intro 

As soon we have dates for the nest session, we will post them here.

The Startup Program

The Startup Program runs twice per year, starting in February and in September. If you apply and get accepted you will during a few months work on your business idea toghether with other entrepreneurs supported by our business developers and guest experts from the Swedish business sector. You do the work together in workshops and by yourself in between gatherings. For each round of the Startup Program, some twelve startups are accepted. If your business idea is not accepted, or if the program for some reason does not suit you, we can offer the same smart business support in another format.

More on the Startup Program here!

More information on Intro and the Startup Program

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