Startupoprogrammet Uminova Innovation

The Startup Program

The Startup Program is perfect for those who can’t stop pondering about their new business idea and are ready to start exploring and develop its potential.

During a few intensive months you get support to develop the idea, and tools that will help you to quickly and efficiently be able to test it with potential customers. The program runs twice a year starting in February and September

Demo Day is the grand finale for the Startup Program, where you pitch your idea at a public event and in front of a jury and has the chance to win scholarships up to a total sum of 50 000 SEK (from Nordea). Our business developers will make you ready to accept the challenge.

For whom
  • You have an innovative business idea that addresses a real problem
  • The business idea has the potential to grow, preferably internationally in the future
  • You aim high and get things done, and can dedicate time and energy to your idea now
  • You have a genuine desire to learn, evolve, and get feedback.
What you get
  • During six workshops you get a crash course in Lean Startup and Customer Development and will gain a deeper understanding of how to identify your customers, verify your business idea, create a scalable business model, succeed with your pitch and find smart financing.
  • Knowledge, support and coaching from experienced business developers
  • Inspiration and feedback from guest speakers, entrepreneurs that have made it (and sometimes failed) and of course from the other participants.
  • Access to our premises and our extensive networks.

Business development free of charge

Equivalent services and support are worth hundreds of thousands SEK, but thanks to our financiers and partners the Startup program is free of charge for the participants.

What else?

You are expected to take part in all the workshops, and between the meetings you are supposed to work on your own with your business idea

The program is mainly held in English in order to enable participation for as many as possible. If all participants speak Swedish, we will adjust the language at the meetings to Swedish.

Program content

Workshop 1 – Think big, test quickly

How can you work lean and customer focused, and why should you do that? Lean Canvas intro and Value Creation Forum, lunch-to-lunch event. Evening: dinner and team building with the other participants.


Workshop 2 – Who is the customer?

A full focus on the customer is essential from day one. Who are they? What are their needs? We lay the foundation for how you create unique value for your customers.


Workshop 3 – Get out of the building!

How can you make sure that your solution matches the customer’s needs or solve their pain? Almost everything you need to know about the customer’s decision-making process and the sales process.


Workshop 4 – Pitch perfect – Reality check

Time to practice your (elevator) pitch, aka your short presentation and the entrepreneur´s best friend. How can you with limited time at your disposal attract potential stakeholders in the best way? You will receive feedback and tips that helps you to really hit home with the audience. Also time for drop-in – Business coaching in general – specifically for your idea


Workshop 5 – Creating a business

How can your business idea generate an income? Discover different ways of building your business model.


Workshop 6 – Show me the money

Find out more about possible financing solutions. We walk you through the basics of various options for early stage business ideas and where you can find smart funding. We also discuss important things to keep in mind if you are going for Venture capital.


Startup program pitching

After a few months of hard work it’s time to present your business idea and your efforts for a panel and you have the chance to win part of the total prize sum of 50 000 SEK. The winners will be announced at Demo Day where all the participants will pitch their idea on stage at Umeå Tech Arena.


….And then what?

We gather to sum up the beginning of your startup journey and talk about your next step.


The application process for the Startup Program fall 2019 opens up August 1st 2019, but we review ideas ongoing so don’t wait – tell us about your idea as soon as possible, for example at one of our idea dropins Thursdays 3-5 pm.

For more information about the Startup Program, contact Magdalena Lindström.