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The Startup Program

The Startup Program is for you who are dedicated to put time and effort on your business idea. You are ready to discover if your business idea has the potential to become somthing BIG. If you apply and get accepted you will, during a few months, work on your business idea toghether with other entrepreneurs supported by our business developers and guest experts from the Swedish business sector. You do the work together in workshops and by yourself in between gatherings.
Your goal is of course that the work that you do during the program will qualify you to be accepted to our incubator where you get to work even deeper with your business idea with the support of business developers and valuble contacts within our broad network. We will evaluate your possibility to further business support by us at the end of the program.

The program is free of charge and the sessions will be held in English.

Applications for the Startup program fall 2019 is closed – follow us in social media for the latest news on the Startup Program spring 2010!


To create a successful startup it is not only about what you do, it is also about how you think. This kick off provides the participants with insights to re-frame their thinking in order to maximize their chances for success.  Also: an introduction to the lean startup- and NABC method.

SESSION 1 – TEAM, 30/9, kl. 7:30-10:30 How to create a successful team.

SESSION 2 – THINK BIG, TEST QUICKLY, 7/10, kl. 13-16
Find out if your business idea has potential to become something BIG.

SESSION 3 – HOW TO MAKE MONEY, 14/10, kl. 13-16:30
How can your business idea generate an income? Discover different ways of building your business model.

SESSION 4 – FIND YOUR CUSTOMER + THE COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE,  21/10, kl. 13-16:30 A full focus on the customer is essential from day one. Who are they? What are their needs? We lay the foundation for how you create unique value for your customers.

SESSION 5 – GET OUT OF THE BUILDING , 28/10, kl. 13-16:30
How can you make sure that your solution matches the customer’s needs or solve their pain? Almost everything you need to know about the customer’s decision-making process and the sales process.

This sessions gives the participants the opportunity to work with our business developers, one-on-one meetings.

SESSION 7 – KILL YOUR DARLINGS, 11/11, kl. 9-12
Focus on simplifying, question and clarify your business model and pitch.

Create your own go-to-market plan that will bring your business idea to life.

Apply here

Last day to apply is September 4th!

For more info, contact Hillevi Lindelöf or Magdalena Lindström