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In September 2017 it’s time for the third round of Uminova Innovation’s Startup program, a dream opportunity if you have a business idea that you want to test and develop.

Hesitate no more. It’s time to make that idea happen. In September 2017 Uminova Innovation kick off the third round of the Startup program, a dream opportunity if you have a business idea that you want to test and develop. You can win a grant, up to 50 000 SEK in prizes are awarded. Two participants/ teams will also go to the tech conference Slush in Helsinki in November. Don’t miss the chance to be one of the chosen few. Apply now for the Startup program.

What you’ll get:
Startup includes six four-hour meetings during which you develop your idea into a business. A crash course in the Lean Startup methodology* is combined with hands-on work to move your idea forward, as well as inspiring input from entrepreneurs that have “been there, done that”. You’ll be filled with knowledge, energy, experience, and feedback from the people involved in Startup: business coaches, guest speakers, and not least the other participants.

Who you are:
Startup is perfect for you if you’re ready to explore the potential of your business idea over a few intensive months.
– You have an innovative idea that solves a real problem
– You aim high and want to progress quickly
– You make things happen and can dedicate time and energy to the program

Our expectations:
Thanks to the support of our financers, you receive this entire package completely free. The only thing we expect in return is that you commit fully and give it your all.

Apply now:
Apply now and complete the information about yourself and your idea by September 10. The Startup program has spaces for a select few entrepreneurs and ideas. You’ll find out whether you’ve been accepted by September 18 at the latest.

Any questions?
Contact Anders Blomberg, business coach at Uminova Innovation: 070-853 01 95,

Practical workshops that move your business idea forward
September 21, 12pm – evening | Think big, test quickly
Why should you work lean and customer focused? We test out Lean Canvas and a few other invaluable tools. Evening: dinner and team building.

September 26, 1 – 5pm | Who is the customer?
This requires full customer focus from day one: who are they? What are their needs? We lay the foundation for how to create value for your customers.

October 12, 1 – 5pm | Get out of the building!
How you make sure your solution matches the customer’s needs step-by-step. Almost everything you need to know about the customer’s decision-making process and your sales process.
Presenter: our sales coach Christian Malmsten

October 22, 1 – 5pm | How to make money?
How can you make money? What price should you set? We challenge you to rethink your business model.

November 8, 1 – 5pm | Pitch perfect
The pitch, aka your short presentation, is the entrepreneur’s best friend. We give you tips and tricks for a pitch that really hits home with the audience.

November 12, 1 – 5pm | Show me the money
Find the right financing for your idea. We go through the basics for how to work with the various options.

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