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Strong quartet wins Energy Team Challenge

Publicerad 2020-12-16

Team Energy Challenge, launched in November, was designed for people who want to create real change with the help of new technology and smarter business practices. The messege was simple: we at Uminova Innovation have a great business idea in AI and energy technology – if you have what it takes you can be a part of the dream team that will develop it into a growing business. We recieved many applications, now the jury has selected four applicants for the startup team.


The specialist: Christoffer Routledge, 33
Focus: Industry, Energy technology and Automation.
Educated civil engineer at Chalmers with a focus on the automotive industry. Worked in many interesting assignments and projects, both nationally and internationally.
Brings to the team: cutting-edge expertise in the industry and technology. With the ability to see the complete picture and how things are connected.

The creator: Eduardo Gomes, 39
Focus: Software development
Computer engineer who moved to Umeå for a master\’s degree in computer science and technology. Works as a developer in the financial industry with a focus on algorithms for risk assessment.
Brings to the team: Skills on how to best build algorithms to maximize energy efficiency, and complex calculations

The runner: Fanny Westerlund, 25
Focus: Marketing and developing the business operation
Master of Business and Economics with a master\’s degree in leadership and a minor in finance. Skilled in business development, marketing and strategic planning. Has a heart that beats especially hard for sustainability.
Brings to the team: Business perspective and constructiveness

The runner: Erik Silfver, 30
Focus: Customer contact and customer-oriented testing against the industry.
Elite cross-country skier and a master\’s degree in Energy technology. Conducted a preliminary investigation for a possible district heating plant on behalf of Umeå Energi
Brings to the team: Technical know-how and ability to get things done. Knows everything about working through pressure.

Dream team

Magdalena Lindström helps Uminova Innovation\’s startups find the right people for their teams, and she is the one in charge of the competition.

– I am very satisfied! We made the strategic choice to limit the application period to two weeks, which is quite a short time, and yet we received 28 great applications. It was not an easy task to select the people for the team considering the large amount of qualified people that applied. The simple answer is that the four selected stood out in their respective application, in the personality and logic tests and in the interview. In the jury, we looked at the big picture. That is, we tried to find skills and personalities that complement each other to create the best possible conditions for the team to thrive and succeed with each other in the long run, says Magdalena.

Fanny Westerlund is very excited.

– I have been following Uminova Innovation for a long time and thought that if the right opportunity arises, I will take it. I think we will be a strong team that together can take on all the challenges that will come our way, she says.

Now the work begins

Now an exciting spring semester awaits. It is now that the work begins to grow their business idea into a company. The focus is first on gathering facts to confirm that the business idea has both the potential to grow and that there is a demand on the market.

The business idea itself comes from Roger Gustavsson, a Nordic entrepreneur whose technical know-how and innovation has already given rise to several successful startups, including Mimbly in Gothenburg.

– My first impression is that this is the right team. They are on board, they are willing, and that is the most important thing when developing a product and building a company. You have to be a person who sees potential, says Roger.


A technological innovation that can contribute to the large and important transformation of the industry, in a global market. The innovation is aimed at industries where there is still a lack of automated control functions for service and maintenance. An application for industrial use creates opportunities for extensive energy and economic savings.

– A single excavator with a poor hydraulic pump can draw more energy than an ordinary house, says the innovator and serial entrepreneur Roger Gustavsson who came up with the idea.

We are always looking for talent

And all those who applied, but did not get a place on the team, still have a chance to start their own entrepreneurial journey says Magdalena.

– I have informed everyone who was not elected that the Energy Team Challenge is just one of many opportunities to work with a startup company. I will keep in touch and contact you when new opportunities arise. We are constantly looking for new people for our startup companies, so for everyone who missed Energy Team Challenge and dreams of a startup experience; contact me 

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